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Why have tuition with us?

The simple answer is: ‘No other organisation in the UK has success such as ours!’. Simply look at the press coverage below:

During the past 10 years OSL has appeared in the press many times. This may have been owing to the success of pupils, or the short time our students take to pass – sometimes as little as four hours of lessons. The Principal, Chris Sivewright, has appeared on several television programmes (Kilroy, The Time The Place) as well as being featured in news stories.

OSL has a history of success – but this success has not always pleased the educational authorities. After all, why would they welcome an educational institution that achieves in a matter of weeks what many schools take 2 years over? Could it be the difference is government bureaucracy? Lack of flexibility in the school system? Classroom behaviour?

Newspaper Coverage

Is it just that the ‘difficulty’ of A levels is being overstated?

Press Quotes

“I’m cock-a-hoop,” she said after learning the result. “It’s unbelievable really: I was only expecting a C …” Mrs Doran’s A-level course was unorthodox. She was taught by a business studies tutor and examiner, Chris Sivewright, from Oxford, by telephone and over the Internet. The amount of study was minimal. BBC Online – 20 August, 1998

“Chris is a super teacher – he’s a real inspiration”
Sue Doran, Lincolnshire Echo, 21st August 1998

David says he was not an exceptional scholar. “Mr Sivewright knows exactly how to pass exams.”
David Mason, student, The Times – 28 January, 1990

No-one thought it was possible and my college invited Chris to teach a business session to see if he was any good. They were really impressed – he’s a brilliant teacher.”
Sarah Hook, student, Chronicle & Echo, August 1999

“This is probably the shortest time in which anyone has passed. It is quite exceptional.”
Peter Stanbrook, Head of Education at the AEB, The Oxford Mail, 25th Jauary,1990

Leaving A-level revision until the last minute is for wimps. Care to leave starting the coursework until four weeks before the exams? Educational entrepreneur, Chris Sivewright, Head of Business Studies at the Oxford School of Learning is looking for A-level students who want to do just that.”
Electronic Telegraph, 22 October 1998

“The day was very informative and we worked on various topics. We gained a lot of new notes to help with revision and he was a great help. Chris taught us a fun new way of revising topics – I really enjoyed the day and am pleased that it was organised.”
Quotes from Hedlights, Hedingham School’s Community Newsletter

“Students should take the exam when they are ready, at their peak and universities should not discriminate against those who take more than one sitting for an exam.”
Chris Sivewright writing in Teachers’ Weekly, February 1990

“Top Oxford Teacher has been ticked off by an education group for publicising his pupil’s outstanding exam successes …”
Oxford Mail

“Our review indicates that there are grounds for Mr Sivewright’s concern.”
Sir Ron Dearing, Head of SCAA, The Mail on Sunday, 2 April 1995

“This excellent website provides an insight into what education will be like in the future”
John Simkin, The Electronic Telegraph, 22 October 1998

Chris, who earns the title ‘Super Sir’, seems to thrive on hard work, little sleep and lots of money.
Buckingham Advertiser, February 1992

Cherwell Tutors College: “We are glad to use him. He works very hard.” Pupil Georgina Guess, 18, said: “he’s a super teacher”.
The Sun, 20 October 1988

Online Press Articles

BBC Online. Here’s what the BBC web site said when Sue Doran sat her AEB Business Studies A-level after only 4 weeks study.

BBC Online. Here’s what the BBC web site said when she passed with Grade A!

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