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Previous Classroom Management Courses

OSL Training has two Senior Trainers for Classroom Management, who between them have over 40 years of actual teaching experience. Here is what people have said about previous OSL classroom management courses


Course Evaluation Forms – Essential Classroom Management – Dec 6th 200

Here you can see the actual Course Evaluation forms from which the comments below were taken. We’ve included all of them, warts and all, so you can see what people really thought about the course!

Download PDF File:
“It’s very nice to take the time out to share feelings, experience and ideas with other school teachers”
“Very good – would recommend to anyone”

To improve the day I would:

  • Not change anything
 The best part of the day was:

  • The discussions – felt free to state our concerns and got a lot of advice
  • The fact that there was significant discussion and sharing of ideas.
  • Engaging lecturer
  • The discussions
  • Discussion of the ideas. Link up to the real classroom situation
“A good course with lots of interesting ideas – looking forward to reminding myself with the key objectives/stats”
“Well Pleased”

I came here with a specific intention. Was that intention satisfied?

  • Yes
  • Yes – I gained some useful insights and ideas
  • Got more ideas that I can try in my classroom

The worst part of the day was:

  • Nothing
This is what course trainer Chris Sivewright said about the Dec 6th Classroom Management course:

“Horrendous traffic and thunderstorms throughout the journey to the hotel at Brent Cross – congratulations to all for turning up! Throughout the day the emphasis was on sharing ideas and strategies and yet also providing all delegates with plentiful resources to take away. In addition to 4 manuals a number of paperbacks plus a memory stick went to each delegate. All of them also have access to £3000+ worth of electronic books (free) as and when they wish. Strategies discussed included pro-active classroom management, ‘how to get silence’ and the use of rewards and sanctions.

Thank you all for coming!

Chris Sivewright

“You are the most brilliant teacher I have ever had the privilege to witness. Absolutely brilliant!”

- Ann, Business Studies teacher, 14-19 Academy, Thames Valley University

“Chris is a super teacher – he’s a real inspiration”

- Sue Doran, Lincolnshire Echo, 21st August 1998

“The day was very informative and we worked on various topics. We gained a lot of new notes to help with revision and he was a great help. Chris taught us a fun new way of revising topics – I really enjoyed the day and am pleased that it was organised.” – Quotes from Hedlights, Hedingham School’s Community Newsletter

Here are some photos of Chris in action, teaching in schools and in training courses:



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2011 Compliments

I am really excited to let you know I got an A in economics, I got 88% in the Global Economy paper and 80% in the other paper about work and leisure markets! I am so so so happy! And the good news is I am now going to be studying dentistry and Cardiff! Thanks for all your help and encouragement, I would not have got that grade without you! Thanks again Chris, I’m forever grateful. — Rosie, Student