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In 2011/2012 only three courses are offered:

  • Tips, tricks and teaching ideas for Psychology A level
  • Essential Classroom Management
  • Tips, tricks and teaching ideas for Sociology A level

Why no Business Studies? Why no Economics?

In the ‘About OSL section’ mention was made of a ’change of direction’. No longer will Business Studies or Economics courses for teachers be offered. This is not because Business Studies is a really easy A level (it takes about 4 hours to convey sufficient information for a student to pass – see this BBC article). But because delivery of the subject relies on extracting already existing information from students rather than giving  many new ideas. Students/pupils are already consumers – they know about prices, packaging, choice, advertising. Many pupils have part-time jobs so they know about the practical side of recruitment, motivation and training. What is needed is a very specific approach to the pupils sitting in front of you. Draw out from them what they already know, mould it according to the syllabus and examination and format and then add new bits of information (critical path analysis, decision trees, motivational theorists) as required. If you want an example then book a conference.

As far as Economics is concerned it is our view that there is too big a difference between the syllabuses (much as there used to be between AQA and OCR for Business Studies.) If you have lower ability pupils then take OCR; if higher then take AQA/Edexcel. Also take AS (both modules) in January, June and then January and June again. Chances are, grades will rocket.

You may completely disagree with the above but these views are based on 30+ years of teaching experience and being an Examiner for 5 boards. Anyway, those are the reasons why there are no courses for teachers of Business Studies and Economics!

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2011 Compliments

He has done really really well. His overall grades were BBC but both the B’s are just a tiny bit short of A’s. In economics the got AAB – so thank you so so much. — Caroline, Parent