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Why host a conference at your school?

The purpose of a Conference is threefold:

  1. To deliver tailor-made conferences over 1-2 days.
  2. To raise awareness of multiple sclerosis.
  3. To raise funds (as detailed above).

There are so many reasons why it is better to have a conference at your school than attend a jam-packed one in London, Birmingham, etc., that we simply list the first ten that spring to mind:

  1. YOU can find out about the speaker – in detail. Testimonials are listed on the site and several schools are featured. Why not telephone them and find out how the conference went?
  2. YOU control the topics to be covered. None of this ‘amass 1000 people in a hall and cover ‘exam technique’ when the audience includes candidates sitting a variety of boards’ nonsense. The only beneficiary of this approach is the bank account! YOU decide the topics. YOU decide who the audience will be.
  3. Date and time. This is arranged by negotiation. The chances are the first date ‘booked’ by you/your school will be met.
  4. Costs. Work it out. Mileage and charity donation compared to the costs of shepherding your class to a conference off-site. Cover; administration; travelling costs; seminar/conference tickets….
  5. Flexibility. In recent years conferences scheduled to finish at 4pm actually finished at 10pm. There is no time limit for these one-day conferences! That doesn’t happen elsewhere!
  6. Occasionally we bring along TWO speakers instead of just one. This means that the audience can be split and two groups can work separately. Of course, no extra fee.
  7. The calibre of the speaker. Yes, of course, there are other good conference speakers around – but how many have been to over 100 schools? How many are equally at home in a variety of syllabuses – and subjects?
  8. Freebies. Often at conferences we bring along free copies of just-released textbooks and/or manuals.
  9. Range of subjects. It is quite feasible for a one day conference to cover: A2 Business Studies a.m.; A2 Economics during lunchtime; GCSE Business in the afternoon; INSET for teachers 4-6. This way you book several conferences in one!
  10. The entire fee goes to help those disabled by Multiple Sclerosis. During the conference there will be a 2-3 minute digression during which multiple sclerosis is explained and illustrated. Pupils attending thus know where the money is going – and why.

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