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Significant changes

In 2011 it was decided to no longer run the business as a private company. This was because of a substantial change of direction in five major areas:

  1. Support for a charity
  2. Sale of books
  3. Conferences in schools
  4. Training
  5. Other pursuits away from education

Support for a charity.

For 20 years or so Oxford School of Learning, mainly through the activities at Oxford Conferences, has supported The Dystonia Society. For various reasons this support has now been changed so our energies are focussed on helping the Multiple Sclerosis Society

Sale of books

For a few years the company, Oxford School of Learning Ltd, sold £000s worth of manuals. Hundreds of schools bought copies. Then syllabuses changed. We produced more booklets but now, with our change of direction this is a business that will no longer be pursued. In line with a greater shift towards charitable activities all the previous products are for sale at reduced prices – and all the fee goes direct to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Conferences in schools

For the last three years (2008-2011) there have been very few conferences in schools. This is largely because each conference cost about £100 in lost earnings and there are only so many times that classes can be rearranged. However with the change of circumstances and with Oxford School of Learning no longer being a company, conferences once more will be offered but this time all the fees will go not to the Dystonia Society but the Multiple Sclerosis Society.


Following the success of OSL Training the courses are offered on a far wider basis. Instead of mainly being concentrated on London venues, training seminars will be offered in Wales, Scotland and the North of England. It is likely the fees will be lower as the courses will only be advertised via this website. The aim is to share ideas and develop them with absolutely no emphasis on money. Thus the courses will be non-profit making. Also as Oxford School of Learning is now a sole trader, fewer courses will be offered. Please see the Training section.

Other pursuits away from education

  • New businesses. Life is not just about tutoring, training and conferences! New businesses have started especially Holidays for over 50 and Bring Baby Too.
  • Playwriting. After the success of the play ‘Wonder’ performed in the Bike Shed Theatre, Exeter and a play on the Election performed in Oxford and also Semper Theatre Chris was invited to be a writer for a major play in London for 2012. This is to be shown in March 2012 In addition the scripts are sold to schools where the content is relevant to a particular syllabus.

It is likely that over the years more and more products and services will be offered either not-for-profit or with the funds going to charity. This will apply to tuition, books, seminars, courses and plays. Without shareholders – as the company has been dissolved – the decision-making chain is shorter! There comes a time in life when it is possible to say ‘I have enough’ – and at that point there can be a big shift in focus. In the past local schools have been helped, long may this continue.

Chris Sivewright
Tel: 01865 512428

September 2011

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